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Get Ready for Valentine's Day! (And the rest of your life.)

Valentine’s Day is almost here! 

Like most of the world, we’re thinking about loveeeee, but before you head out in search of just anyone to spend that special day with,  you should do a deep dive into what you truly want and how to prepare for it. 

Mallory Love (Head Matchmaker and Love Expert) with the elite matchmakers at Love And Matchmaking has the scoop for you when it comes to getting ready to meet the one! 

  1. Know who you are. This may seem obvious to most, but to really be ready to find your match, you’ve got to know yourself and be mentally prepared to meet the love of your life. 
  2. Learn that settling is not the answer. You wouldn’t settle for a terrible doctor (just because he works near your home), so why would you settle when it comes to matters of the heart? 
  3. Be the “chooser” in your life. You have the power to control the outcome of your life and relationships. Choose only the best options for you (or take the first step by choosing to hire us!).
  4. Let your head and your heart be a team in beautiful harmony! Balance is key and it can be hard to find. Are there red flags you are overlooking in a person? Think things through. Your heart can be a fickle beast. Don’t let it run your life.
  5. Be open and ready to any possibility. Your person could come in a completely different package than how you imagined and that’s okay. 
  6. Be the man/woman you would like to meet. I can say this until the cows come home! You must live a life mirroring what you would like to find to be able to attract someone that will support, love, and drive you. 
  7. While we’re working on finding your person, beef up on your dating awareness and flex that sexy flirting muscle. Learn all you can to improve your skills and deepen relationships. Knowledge is power guys! That’s another area we can help you with.
  8. Remember that everyone is human and don’t expect one person to be EVERYTHING in your life. Your ‘person’ shouldn’t have to be your ONLY person. Get some badass friends, family, and loved ones to keep you feeling supported and loved, even after you’ve found the “one”.
  9. Build that confidence. Be assertive. Say yes to what you want and learn it is okay to say no to what you truly don’t.

Finally know that at the end of the day you should feel successful with and without a relationship. Relationships don’t define you. Neither does being single. I truly believe people are attracted to our energy. Put out the vibe you want to see in return.