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How Much Does LoveAndMatchmaking Cost?

How Much Does Love and Matchmaking Cost?

How much does a matchmaking service cost?

Even though it seems like this is something that can easily be answered, it is really more like asking “how long is a piece of string” or “how much does a car cost”? Ask any car dealer and they’ll immediately ask you if you want an economy car or are we talking about a luxury vehicle. There are a number of considerations when looking into elite matchmaking services such as; are these actually elite matchmaking services or are we talking about a paid step-up from Tinder?

Taking the apples-to-apples approach is vital to judging the validity of pricing for professional matchmaking.

“The price range I saw was $500 to $1,500 per match, and typically it would be one match a month” said one professional matchmaking user in the New York Times.

“Other memberships begin at $25,000 but range much higher depending on the service” it continues.

A scan of other services shows them ranging up to $150,000 per year. There are lots of services offered at a range of prices but no one delves into the reasons why a service should cost $1 or $100,000. What do these so-called matchmaking services offer?

Yes there are services out there that provide low-cost “matchmaking” by providing you with a date or a potential match but the stories that go along with these dates and matches show that they are not the high-level of matchmaking offered by elite matchmakers and their memberships. In many cases the client is presented with matches that feel as though the matchmaker chose off of a dating site for them and do not feel quality.

This equals a need to settle for less as opposed to expecting and receiving what one truly wants in a potential mate and that level of compatibility. You want the best matches but you are expected to be serviced and move on.

Key question: What makes an elite matchmaker?

Elite matchmakers and the matchmaking membership they provide should be basing matches on the desires of the client while also coaching and guiding the client to having success in their dating experience.

Elite matchmakers go the many extra miles required to find, match and support the relationship (far before date #1) and to have the experience and expertise in the subtleties of matching people (including their likes, wants, needs, location, pet peeves, etc.).

The cost of matchmaking, of course, depends on the behind the scenes work that can lead to amazing introductions. As matchmakers in the “elite” category, Love and Matchmaking takes finding, matching, meeting & greeting, inter-communication, dating, and follow-up & relationship management to a level far beyond a simple hook-up. Too many matchmaking services connect you with a date and leave you to it. “Good luck and let us know when you’re ready for the next almost-match – and make sure you get that payment in on time!”

Our matchmakers are experts who take a very hands-on, bespoke approach to matching while also utilizing the latest in technology to find connections that are too subtle for the human-eye. Our Human Enhanced-Algorithm “HEA” takes a myriad of characteristics and attributes (from looks to demographics

to desires to psychological elements, all machine-correlated based on our proprietary algorithm to provide data-based statistically potential matches.

The results are then fine-tuned and deeply customized to train the HEA to refine the results based on the tailoring of the data to the client. This dynamic process takes many elements into consideration which would be too difficult or time consuming to perform manually.

The cost of matchmaking services should take such elements into consideration as it is necessary for the service to provide high-quality matches.

When one wants to match a single individual against hundreds or thousands of potentials then how much is a matchmaker really looking at the subtle details when providing potential dates if they are doing it all manually?

Other matchmakers rely totally on computer-based matching. This is the flip-side of the coin for many. The hands-on approach is taking a back-seat to the computer matching which won’t work well because, as we know, computers have no soul, heart or emotions. With these types of companies you can expect

the “matchmaker” to say to you that they’ve tirelessly searched and matched you with great potential matches when all they did was press a button and copy and paste the results. Companies that rely on computer-matching alone are trying to hit a quota to fulfill their contractual obligations. This is not the fertile ground in-which love can blossom.

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Our matchmakers know that this won’t work when it comes to creating deeper connections which result in more successful relationships. Taking the fine-tuned computer-based results and blending that with hands-on analysis, literally rolling up your sleeves and meeting the people (potential matches) and actually getting to know more about them offers far more than just a print-out can provide. This is especially true once the expert matchmaker has gotten to know the client and what they want in a mate.

A computer will not be with you to support you through your date! Our matchmakers offer vital support before, during and after as needed. Dating is often much more than just meeting and dining or dancing, etc. Many are not familiar with the protocols of dating or they have been out of the game for a while. Some prefer to be more creative in their dates and that can be one of the areas where your matchmaking expert shines. Great experiences remain in the heart and mind so when you have that amazing date that was unlike all of the rest, it is memorable. This can help to jump-start relationships with a solid and positive foundation based on a mutually-shared positive experience which stands-out among other experiences. “My date was so fun and different that we both had a great time”. Boring dates don’t get talked about in a good way so when one is unique and enjoyable it gets talked about which means it stays on the individual’s mind and is reinforced by their conversations with others. It also reinforces their interest in continuing on to the next date.

Elite matchmaking can, does and should be a lot of work on the part of the matchmakers and they should be highly-experienced at the elite level.

Although it could be considered a luxury, we believe that it is not. It is less like buying a luxury car and more like getting the best lawyer or doctor. You are outsourcing to the best provider for a vital service. Relationships are more than just a fad or a fancy thing to show-off. Your love-life affects your entire life,

positively and not. It can affect you on many levels and when we find a connection with someone that is real and fulfilling, it is priceless.

For those who can afford elite matchmaking services, as we hear quite often, the cost of being alone, the costs of wasting on cheap dating solutions (apps, cheap matchmakers, dating sites, bars and clubs, blind dates and speed-dating, etc.), and the cost of successive failures are far more costly than the services.

It is our service level, our expertise and our abilities that are elite. This is why our 5-Star matchmaking service has a 95% success rate.

For the specifics on our services, pricing, expertise and more, please feel free to reach out to us via telephone at (844) 489-LOVE or via the form below. We look forward to speaking with you.

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